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News OHUSB002 - Front v2.1 (Oval Harmonique)

OUT NOW: Nge Duo – The Enormous Polly Warper EP

Bonjour fellow music lovers, We are back with several new treats for your all....


Ready for the holidays? Six Fingered People – The Voluptuous Dark EP is OUT NOW!

As the end of 2019 is approaching, we are proud to present one last...

OH dj-set - Masters Of Puppets 2018
Audio OHDIG007 - Front (Oval Harmonique)

OUT NOW // Molokow – Roots Pt.1 EP

We are proud to present this great new release from Molokow. As of now...


Doctor Evazan - Bulan Böij

Doctor Evazan is the brainchild of Jens Eriksson.
An established Swedish beat maker with a love for dark flavoured dirty beats and hypnotic soundscapes.

Logo - Doctor Evazan
Doctor Evazan - Bulan Böij2:38


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