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Ghostscent – Cosmology EP (USB)


Title: Ghostscent – Cosmology EP (USB stick)
Catalog nr: OHUSB001
Release date: June 24, 2017
Media: Digital content stored on limited USB stick
Genre: Drum & Bass
Artwork: MadeInRealtime
Mastering: David Chaim Cohen @ Xexify studio

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For this occasion we offer a limited edition USB stick of this release exclusively on our webpage.
It’s a customised 4 gig USB stick with an additional bonus track from Ghostscent.
This is a collectors item limited to 40 pieces. Be sure to grab yours ;-)

Extra info:
Quantity: Limited edition of only 40 pieces
Print: Printed on both sides. A black stick with white print
Capacity: 4 GB
Content: Cosmology EP / artwork / exclusive limited content

01. Meteoroids
02. Chasing Ghosts
03. Cosmology
04. Chillometer (Featuring Grey Form)
05. Bonus track (Only available on the USB stick)

Ghostscent (Ola Eriksson)

Ola has been deeply involved into various music projects since his early 90s.
Learning throughout the years how to handle the guitar, bass, piano and drums. Started his first band in school with some friends and has since then explored a variety of different music genres, from punkrock to Psytrance.

In the late 90’s his interest was drawn towards more experimental music and electronic music production. Finding the 90’s drum and bass scene resonating in a new way in him, Ola started experimenting with computers and music production. A few years later things took another turn when he teamed up behind the computer with his friend and bandmate Jens. They started to shape what later would become the psytrance act Derango.

As with life in general things go in circles, so it’s very fitting that Ola slowly would find his way back to his drum & bass and beat driven roots. Approaching this style with his unique and vast musical background and two decades of explorations in experimental music, the outcome is warm, organic and multilayered drum and bass music in his very own style.


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