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  1. Toska Boketto 3:05
  2. Echt Boketto 4:27
OHDIG009 - Front (Oval Harmonique)
Boketto - Echt ( Promo Clip )1m17s
Artist - Boketto


Boketto,(ボケット – The act of gazing vacantly into the distance without a thought; simply be.) is a British composer and electronic music producer based in Cheshire.

Music has always been a central point and played a crucial role throughout life, starting with an obsession for percussive & rhythmic instruments.

As life went on, a deep passion for composing arose. With a debut EP – ‘Altered Reality’ being released in 2016, Boketto has since built upon this and carved out a niche with follow up releases on various labels.

Staying true to the percussive infused childhood, you can expect to hear meticulous & intricate rhythmic elements layered with sweeping, often cinematic melodies.

As we enter 2020, Boketto’s music has seen a dynamic shift, incorporating more live musical elements, wandering & exploring different genres and creating extremely detailed soundscapes that you can expect to get blissfully lost within.





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