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Krypto Grotesk

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  1. 1. Somewhere in Europe Krypto Grotesk 0:33
  2. 2. It Begins Krypto Grotesk 1:42
  3. 3. Missing Link Krypto Grotesk 3:20
  4. 4. Jurijs Laughter Krypto Grotesk 2:41
  5. 5. More Dead Than Alive Krypto Grotesk 2:46
  6. 6. Piping of Idiot Flutes Krypto Grotesk 1:05
  7. 7. First Responder Krypto Grotesk 3:28
  8. 8. Sliced Burial Krypto Grotesk 1:43
  9. 9. Sulfuric Visions Krypto Grotesk 2:43
Krypto Grotesk - It Begins1m39s
Oval Harmonique - Artist - Krypto Grotesk


Sometimes simple questions give birth to new and strange phenomena. What happens if you mix glycerol and nitric acid? What happens if you launch a dog into space? What happens if you start a band with a set of drums, a mixing console and a tape echo? The latter question gave birth to Krypto Grotesk.

Krypto Grotesk is a duo from Stockholm, Sweden that explore the gaps in music. Gaps between notes, gaps between beats, gaps between music and real life. So take a seat and let Konrad Agnas and Anton Sundell guide you through these gaps.





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