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Nge Duo

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  1. Tellurometer Nge Duo 5:12
  2. Teebeewakeup Nge Duo 3:50
  3. Skeivert Nge Duo 5:05
  4. Opening Nge Duo 4:53
  5. TwoZeroZeroNine Nge Duo 3:36
Nge Duo - Microscopium (Promo clip)1m39s
Artist - Nge Duo


The Nge Duo consists of Jens Eriksson and Ola Eriksson. They are originally from Örebro, Sweden but now live in Malmö. They were brought together through their love for electronic music and the vivid journey of life.

Originally playing in many different alt rock bands they were liberated by the flexibility of electronic music and technology, which has become their favourite genre to express their ideas today.

The sound of Nge Duo stretches from the lush soothing soundscapes of ambient organic downtempo, to musical upbeat fusion of glitchy beats, spacey FX, synthesizers and real instruments. They share a musical vision similar to artists like Autechre, Boards of Canada, Telephone Tel Aviv, Badun and others but don’t feel shy to breakout of genre parameters previously defined.

With their sonic wizardry, they bring a unique tale from the forests of Sweden and have mesmerised countless audiences around Europe’s EDM festivals. We are excited to hear what this Duo will be up to, and are ready to broadcast their musical visions through the vortex.




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