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  1. Oceanofunk WHRK 2:50
  2. Heat Divinity WHRK 1:49
  3. Irritant WHRK 2:13
  4. Behagen WHRK 2:40
  5. Starewitch B Org. Cut. WHRK 3:32
  6. Turek Acid 2 WHRK 4:17
  7. Voorhees Acid WHRK 2:53
  8. Zanussi TCE 7114 WHRK 1:34
  9. Clarx-8P WHRK 4:21
  10. Chase scene 09 WHRK 2:03
  11. EM Bossed 10 error 3 WHRK 2:35
  12. Feldreso 02 WHRK 1:32
  13. TXBJ Knights WHRK 4:05
  14. Crotax 8P WHRK 3:48
  15. B4 Intellisynth WHRK 4:04
  16. E-15 Sync + Warp FX WHRK 1:26
  17. Fran Thrasher WHRK 3:35
  18. DX-10 4 Trak (B-Ver.) WHRK 3:17
  19. Hall Of Doom WHRK 2:28
  20. Holophon V.E.P. WHRK 3:02
  21. Bharney Rubal WHRK 3:52
  22. Orakel WHRK 4:28
  23. Unauthorized Deathfuck Rmx WHRK 4:30
OHCD005 - Front (Oval Harmonique)
WHRK - Crotax 8P (Promo Clip)3m55s
Artist - WHRK


WHRK is a future exploration in experimental music by Matthijs van der Geest, who is well know for his very own style of psytrance under the alias Whrikk.

Once spawned in a far eastern corner of the world, now residing on the flattest place on the planet for his sonic research. This individual balances towards a strong hardware approach to music these days. Using field recordings and synth jams taken in different obscure locations, the sound that results is one that might deviate from the norm but attempts to touch the soul and brain in an unsettling yet comforting manner. Challenging dance beats cross ways with funky memories of traditional music. With a diverse musical background from metal and jazz to obscure electronica and psychedelic trance.

WHRK is able to blend all influences from the many years of experimentation with different musical genres and noises to blend everything into a sonic soup that still through all experience maintains his very unique visions.





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OHCD005 - Promo 2 (Oval Harmonique)


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