December 5, 2015
South East Queensland, Australia

Facebook event page:

Takoyaki Productions in conjunction with Noesis Productions, ESF Records and Indali we are super excited to present to a 24 hour show case of psychedelic awesomeness to get your feet moving and brain tingling

Featuring top quality international and aussie artists from chill to hitech to take though a journey you’ll never want to end


VIRTUANOISE (Noise Poison/Nutriadance Records) – Italy LIVE

PROCS (Sanaton/Lost Theory Records) – Sweden LIVE

FAREBI JALEBI (Parvati Records/Mithya Music) – Australia

Stellar Ink Pony (Oval Harmonique/Retort) – Sweden – LIVE

Reflection (Glitchy Tonic/Maia Brasil/Up Records) – Australia

Rumpelstompskin (Kinematic Records) – Australia

Loose Cannon (ESF Records) – Australia

Bear (ESF Records) – Australia

Phsiris (Bacon)

Windowpain (Indali) – Greece

Formationz (Kinematic Records) – Australia

Mote – Australia

Daturon vs Ammutis (Cerebral Meldown) – Australia

Twisted Jester (Indali) – Australia

Chazzwozza (ESF) – Australia

Quadrapuss (ESF, Aioaska Productions) – Australia

+ more yummies and ticket sales to come 🙂