December 13, 2020
Online stream


Since the beginning of time, great breakthroughs in human history have been achieved through the concept of unity. That is how Homo sapiens conquered the wild savannah and dispersed across every continent. Through unity, we invented philosophy, discovered alchemy, developed science, created incredible and astounding movements that include: the Renaissance, or the Psychedelic movement; through the power of unity we started revolutions, survived wars and created everything that ever moved humanity.

Homo Sapiens are social beings. Being together is in our DNA. It is in the very coding of our existence.

We are living in historical times. We are living in a period of profound change. Yes, this is a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The only way forward is to do one thing: We. must. act. as. one.

This means that each and every one of us must observe and respect the social measures advised to us so that we can avoid spreading this world-changing virus. It means showing true solidarity so we can attempt to guarantee our survival as a species and even changing our societal habits to keep our Earth healthy over the coming months.

Simultaneously, this moment we are living in calls upon the specific traits that define us as being Humans. The psychedelic movement, in all its diversity, will contribute to this message of togetherness. Together we are strong. Individually, we fail. This is the time for the new definition of what is Humanity.

Project Unite – Let the Music Unite Us is thus born.

Unite is a creative platform where a wide range of partners, supporters and fans worldwide collaborate to provide the community with a unique experience. In these challenging times, it aims at connecting the scene with a message of hope and union through music.

Given the multidisciplinary nature of the psychedelic movement, we’ll make use of live visuals, graphic contents, interviews, comments and live chats to let us deepen this moment we’re collectively experiencing.

We’ll open an online channel to enable communication on various topics: music, globalisation, cooperation, the environment, alternative models and ways of life, the coronavirus, its impact on our planet, and most of all, what we can envision for post-COVID-19 planet Earth – just to name a few.

This is an independent and non-profit project, created by active members of the global psychedelic community. Tailor-made live streamed DJ, live sets and visual VJ mixes, from various locations around the world, will be accessible via our website, Facebook and Youtube.

The present circumstances appeal to our sense of oneness. We’re DJs, producers, labels, festival and party promoters who in the last 25 years have been touched by the love which has radiated from an extraordinary psychedelic scene.

We want to give back once again. This is how Unite has come to life. It stems from the intention of spreading the love to the movement and to all who breathe life into it. The power of music and oneness cannot stop.

Let the Music Unite Us.