December 12, 2015
Sydney, Australia

It’s happening again. Keep the date free. Good times are coming.
Expect 24hrs of epic amounts of psychedelic music and a visual set up that will blow your panties away. It’s ok, no one likes wearing panties anyways.



International –

Procs (Sanaton/Lost Theory Records) – Sweden – LIVE

Virtuanoise (Noise Poison/Nutriadance Records) – Italy – LIVE

Stellar Ink Pony (Oval Harmonique/Retort) – Sweden – LIVE

Loose Connection (Kamino Records) – UK – LIVE

Windowpain (Indali Records) – Greece – LIVE

Sense Datum (Shanti Planti Records) – UK – LIVE

Eurythmy (Shanti Planti Records) – UK – LIVE

Domestic –

Neurorythmic (Kinematic Records) – LIVE

Ryanosaurus Progressivs & Chill (Zenon/Kinematic Records) – LIVE

Poseidon Psychedelic bass music (Kinematic Records) – LIVE

Reflection Forest/Prog/Chill (Glitchy Tonic/Maia Brasil) – LIVE

MindsDream (Awesome pants Records) – LIVE

Quadrapuss (ESF Records) – SEQLD – LIVE

Rumpelstompskin (Kinematic Records) – LIVE

Phsiris (2to6 Records) – LIVE

Kireesh (Chocolate Sauce Records) TAS – Lively

Visuals: Optic Soup

Lighting and lasers: Decrion

Sound: KV2

More info later.