WHRK – S6000 (CD)


  1. Oceanofunk WHRK 2:50
  2. Heat Divinity WHRK 1:49
  3. Irritant WHRK 2:13
  4. Behagen WHRK 2:40
  5. Starewitch B Org. Cut. WHRK 3:32
  6. Turek Acid 2 WHRK 4:17
  7. Voorhees Acid WHRK 2:53
  8. Zanussi TCE 7114 WHRK 1:34
  9. Clarx-8P WHRK 4:21
  10. Chase scene 09 WHRK 2:03
  11. EM Bossed 10 error 3 WHRK 2:35
  12. Feldreso 02 WHRK 1:32
  13. TXBJ Knights WHRK 4:05
  14. Crotax 8P WHRK 3:48



Written & produced: Matthijs van der Geest
Catalog nr: OHCD005
Release date: November 5, 2021
Media: CD / Digital
Genre: Electronic ⋮ IDM ⋮ Braindance
Artwork: MadeInRealtime
Mastering: Stazma The Junglechrist at Electric Voyage Studio

This second full length album from WHRK is a continuation of his exploration in experimental electronic music.
WHRK’s music spans several genres, including techno, IDM and breakcore. His recordings are often typified by a combination of hardware and software manipulations with complex drum programming and melodic elements, evolving and growing across the track.
He delivers a unique blend of dance grooves and electronic mayhem.
With a diverse musical background from metal and jazz to obscure electronica and psychedelic trance, this is the brainchild of WHRK.


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