Doctor Evazan – Fold Reality


  1. MoanFunk Jens Eriksson 3:59
  2. They're Not Human Doctor Evazan 2:28
  3. Mundane Weirdness Doctor Evazan 3:07
  4. What Goes Around, Ghosts Around Doctor Evazan 2:28
  5. Urminnes Tider Doctor Evazan 2:03
  6. Nightmuusick Doctor Evazan 4:25
  7. Canine Tendency Doctor Evazan 3:39
  8. 52 Exorcisms Doctor Evazan 2:58
  9. Psitaren Doctor Evazan 3:33
  10. The Only Way To Harm Them Doctor Evazan 2:33
  11. Fold Reality Doctor Evazan 4:09
  12. Darksense Doctor Evazan 2:54
  13. Intro Doctor Evazan 1:20
  14. Sneak Doctor Evazan 3:25
  15. Ghoul Play It Cool Doctor Evazan 3:05
  16. Intermezzo 2 Doctor Evazan 2:04
  17. Adopted By Aliens, part I Doctor Evazan 2:37
  18. People of The Sky Doctor Evazan 2:50
  19. Briggs Secrets Doctor Evazan 3:24
  20. Absolute Empty Space Doctor Evazan 2:57
  21. Adopted By Aliens, part II Doctor Evazan 2:53
  22. Intermezzo 4 Doctor Evazan 1:29
  23. Bossks Beat Doctor Evazan 2:06
  24. Majic Forest Jens Eriksson 2:24



Written & produced: Jens Eriksson
Catalog nr: OHDIG001
Release date: May 21, 2016
Media: Digital
Genre: Instrumental Hip-Hop
Artwork: MadeInRealtime

Jens Eriksson has released music for more than two decades. Ranging from interstellar drones to twisted night time psytrance and from indie rock to glitch, he managed to surprise us again with this release.
Known from various projects and collaborations like Purosurpo, Derango, Doctor Evazan, Hallucinogenic Horses and Nge Duo, every project is unique in it’s own way.
Jens has a very particular approach to manipulate sounds which results in a fine balance between warm dynamics and celestial farts.

Doctor Evazan previously released the album “Fold Reality” at Oval Harmonique. An album with dark and dirty flavoured beats and hypnotic soundscapes. This EP is the first part of a showcase for his interest in electronic beats. Enjoy this sonic treatment from your favourite Doctor.


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