Ruben Void – The Meta Materials


  1. Intro Ruben Void 2:20
  2. Elektrum Ruben Void 4:11
  3. Dinosaur Requiem Ruben Void 6:12
  4. Anima Ruben Void 6:11
  5. Hydroxy Ruben Void 6:16
  6. Scavengers Ruben Void 5:26
  7. Sorosilicate Ruben Void 6:36
  8. Sentinelle Ruben Void 7:36
  9. God From The Machine Ruben Void 5:56
  10. Outro Ruben Void 3:12



Written & produced: Ruben Asseman
Catalog nr: OHDIG014
Release date: February 13, 2022
Media: Digital
Genre: Drones ⋮ Ambient ⋮ Tribal ⋮ Electronic
Artwork: MadeInRealtime
Mastering: Luciano Mirim Scuoteguazza

We are proud to present a second full album release of Ruben Void here on Oval Harmonique. “The Meta Materials” is best described as a continuation of Ruben’s meditative journey into deep static textures and slow distorted beats. In many ways an extension of his previous album “Soundtracks For The Apocalypse“, this time the emphasis is more cosmic and ethereal but still dark and mysterious at the same time.

And.. if you haven’t listened to “Soundtracks For The Apocalypse” yet, be sure to check it out! 😉


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