10 Years of Sanaton Records EP (Vinyl)


  1. The Strange Rays Of The Cosmic Case Bent Breaker 4:34
  2. OceanWeaver Stellar Ink Pony 6:22
  3. Microscopium Nge Duo 5:08
  4. Epiphany In The Periphery Hallucinogenic Horses 5:41



Catalog nr: OHSREP001 / OHSRDIG001
Release date: October 12, 2015
Media: Vinyl / Digital
Genre: Electronic ⋮ Electronica
Artwork: A collaboration between MadeInRealtime & Clé Cosinus.
Mastering: Audible Oddities

Across the years we have seen Sanaton members re-shape, merge and transform and this has given birth to new projects and experimental ideas. So we feel its very fitting that we now, on our 10 year anniversary, present to you our first release from our new brainchild Oval Harmonique.
Oval Harmonique is a new branch stemming from the same old Sanaton tree. This is the natural continuation of our mission: to keep exploring the realms of psychedelic music free of borders and the constrictions of genres.
With the high aim for new adventures in experimental music we are now heading to the future.


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