1. Tapes Doctor Evazan 1:00:04

The Story

Our very own sound-surgeon strikes again…!
This mission started very spontaneous while Doctor Evazan was digging crates in his dusty laboratory on a hunt for loops. The result is the Doctor performing a sonic surgery and stitched together an unpretentious mixtape of an hour long. All the intermezzo’s, moments, events, reflections, fragments, hymns and notions were made in February 2020.



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Doctor Evazan – Tapes

Written & produced: Jens Eriksson
Catalog nr: OHCAS003 / OHDIG011
Release date: October 18, 2020
Media: Cassette / Digital
Genre: Instrumental Hip-Hop ⋮ Beats
Artwork: MadeInRealtime

What is “Formation”?
Formation is our latest concept. As always we are focusing on creativity and quality. With this platform we want to reach out to new creative producers who’re still building and finding their way as well as established artists who want to experiment with something new.

The Formation series will be offered for free in digital format. But good news for the physical collectors or proud owners of a walk man. Every release will be available on cassette in a very limited amount of 20 copies.