1. Phantom Center Six Fingered People 6:03
  2. The Voluptuous Dark Six Fingered People 4:38
  3. A Restless Decay Six Fingered People 7:04
  4. Lights In The Distance Six Fingered People 4:17

The Story

Our starting point for the Voluptuous Dark EP is the wish to find the meeting point between our digital and samples based music production and traditional jazz recordings. With the emphasis on dark and cinematic soundscapes we are exploring the darker side of jazz, a Lynchian dream state of sound design.


OHCD002 - CD (Oval Harmonique)
OHCD002 - Front (Oval Harmonique)


Six Fingered People – The Voluptuous Dark EP

Written & produced: Kim Bernhammar & Daniel Jansson
Catalog nr: OHCD002 / OHCDIG002
Release date: December 8, 2019
Media: CD / Digital
Genre: Doom Jazz ⋮ Ambient ⋮ Electronic
Artwork: MadeInRealtime
Mastering: Audible Oddities

We proudly present to you all, Six Fingered People – The Voluptuous Dark EP, this nerve thrilling adventure comes served to the audience in full technicolor and sound collages.