The physical version of this release is a limited edition of 50 copies! More info here.

We proudly present a new album “Soundtracks For The Apocalypse” by our newest artist on the label, Ruben Void.
He is a Belgian composer, bedroom producer and rare instrument fanatic who recently relocated to the south of France. He’s known for his soundscapes and drone based electro-acoustic experiments and is occasionally found venturing into a more tribalesque ambient/techno signature. Inspired by science fiction, visions of dystopian/utopian futures and psychedelics: The lines between heaven and hell often get confused within a single track. Repetition, improvisation and anarchy are common themes explored in his musical lexicon.

With a broad interest, we have, from the very beginning, been exploring sine waves and sound scapes in-depth. This gave us the possibility to release cutting-edge music in various styles. The urge to explore new creative ways led us to new interesting possibilities. As of now we can manufacture our own physical designs and will push the visual aspect even further.


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