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For information on booking Oval Harmonique artists please use our contact form. Please provide us directly with all the necessary info about your idea, gig or festival.


Need some help or want some additional info? We’re here to assist you!


Since the beginning, Oval Harmonique has been keeping its ear to the ground and its head in the clouds in a selfless attempt to find new and known talented artists. Here’s a suggestion that will save you some postage and might even save a few trees: upload  your demos online at one of the many free music portals such as: Bandcamp, Reverbnation, Youtube, Soundcloud, your website, etc,.. and use the form below with all your contact details included.

Please DO NOT send download links! We prefer to have a listen first through an online service.

The tracks must be of good quality and complete! All demos received by Oval Harmonique are listened too. Do not be disappointed if we are not able to give feedback immediately. We try to answer to all contact we get and of course if we are interested in your music, we will get in touch with you. Please don’t chase us for a response. If we like it we will definitely get in touch with you!

Thanks for your understanding!


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