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the OvaL dOctOR - oVaLiStiC ShowCaSes, vol.1

the OvaL dOctOR – oVaLiStiC ShowCaSes, vol.1 was first presented in the MOTM Live stream series on Twitch.

MOTM features reviews, musical analysis, historical research, in depth interviews and top quality sets. Join them every Saturday at 7pm CET time.

“We are happy to share that we are participating in the next episode of MOTM Be sure to check it out for some very exclusive sets from Doctor Evazan / Purosurpo

THE OVAL DOCTOR aka Purosurpo

For more info:
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Oval Harmonique Dj-set @ Master Of Puppets Festival 2018

Instrumental beats, mashed-up loops & samples.
This is small part of a 6 hour Oval Harmonique label night at Master Of Puppets Festival 2018.

R&D presents Synthesis I – OH Studio Mix

Ones again they teamed up for a new collaboration and are happy to present you their first mix “Synthesis I”.
R&D stands for Research & Development and is brought to you by Rafaël & Daniel. The constant crate digging and love in general for music, the endless quest of exploring.. This first mix is a selection of old and new gems that have been mixed together with Oval Harmonique releases.

Decktor Ovalzan – MixTape

Doctor Evazan is the brainchild of Jens Eriksson.
An established Swedish beat maker with a love for dark flavoured dirty beats and hypnotic soundscapes.

For this mix Jens made a selection of track which inspires him. All stitched together with his own samples and seasoned with herbs.

Dj NamRoLL – Oval Harmonique / Sanaton tribute set

Hello im DJ Namroll I started listening and collecting psytrance music on minidiscs & Cds back in 1999. Shortly after i started djing in small parties and pubs in Israel.
2005 On the beaches of Goa I was introduced to the Forest genre by friends from Aarhus Denmark who enlightened me with their fresh Scandinavian sounds.
2012 While living & playing in Scandinavia I was signed as a label DJ for Mental Sauce Rec.(Japan) and started playing gigs all over the world.
2014 Founded The Cure, a community of activists and artists supporting alternative natural medicine with psytrance music, art and culture.
In the years to follow I have been organising parties with The Cure organisation in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Greece.

Releases ive compiled and arranged under the cure:
2015 V/A “Kampu”
2015 V/A “The Cure” with Medulla Oblongata Rec.
2016 Captain Kirk EP “Back To The Future”
2017 V/A “Grow Your Own”
2017 EP Molokow – Endless Sacrifice
2018 EP Igboogã -“Jungle Creatures”
2019 V​/​A “Fleinheim”

Countries I’ve played in are Israel, India, Nepal, Russia, Croatia, Romania, Poland, Greece, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark.
Im open for worldwide bookings of DJ sets focusing on forest, dark, suomi, and experimental IDM.

Thank you for listening and following!


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