1. Tellurometer Nge Duo 5:12
  2. Teebeewakeup Nge Duo 3:50
  3. Skeivert Nge Duo 5:05
  4. Opening Nge Duo 4:53
  5. TwoZeroZeroNine Nge Duo 3:36

The Story

All (Polly) w(r)arpe(r)´d into a creative warmth shimmer which is very much unique to their own sound.



Nge Duo – The Enormous Polly Warper EP

Written & produced: Jens Eriksson, Ola Eriksson
Catalog nr: OHUSB002 / OHDIG008
Release date: June 13, 2020
Media: USB / Digital
Genre: Electronic ⋮ Ambient ⋮ IDM
Artwork: MadeInRealtime
Mastering: Audible Oddities

Nge Duo (aka NilsGöran Erixon Duo) is the electronic music project of Jens & Ola Eriksson. Both Eriksson’s comes from a broad musical background, from indie rock to electronic dance music. With a creative and playful approach the Nge Duo explores sample collage electronica and harmonics.