Some exciting news!

We are proud and happy to share with you a brand new release!

Stellar Ink Pony – Byby EP is a fine mixture between Ambient, IDM & Neo-Jazz.
It’s an alter ego from Mikael Stegman who’s also well known from his experimental psytrance project called Procs. This EP is a showcase of his refined production skillset.

“I woke up in the midst of the night. As the eyes slowly started to take in the surroundings – a vision of a night sky appeared in the ceiling. Pony drawings where dotted with dark ink as if they where zodiac sign. Gradually the dots started falling down one by one, emitting glimmering lights as they passed the room. When colliding with the floor it started resonating and giving birth to sounds and shapes that filled the air.”

Stellar Ink Pony goes deeper into exploring the textures of music and sounds as a painting.
Flourishing, melodic, organic, cohesive textures and delicate rhythms.
A jazzy excursion in to a strangely familiar territory that very much is Stellar Ink Pony’s own realm of music.

Available for download on our Bandcamp page


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